Our approach to leadership development is based on two principles:

People have different learning styles. Organisations have different cultures and requirements. In other words, one size does not fit all!

We work with our clients to put together an approach to leadership development that works within the context of the strategy and culture of your organisation, the particular group of people we are working with, and the practical requirements such as timescales and budgets.

Leadership Development

The elements that we typically include in our leadership development approach are:

Development Workshops: we develop bespoke workshops and training days for groups of managers to learn new techniques, understand their own leadership style and approach, and practice new skills in a supported environment. We provide a number of experiential and more reflective activities to enable learning and create change.

360 feedback: enabling leaders to get feedback from their staff and others on their strengths and areas for development. We can either work with your existing questionnaires or develop one for you, and administer the confidential gathering of feedback. Feedback is typically delivered in a 1:1 coaching session with managers.

Coaching: we provide 1:1 coaching, provided by accredited coaches, to support individuals' development tailored to their development agenda (click here for more information)

Facilitation: we provide experienced facilitation for strategy development, values and culture work, problem solving and brainstorming ideas.

Action Learning: we facilitate action learning sets, where peer groups come together to solve real work issues in a way that enables them to learn from, and with each other. Action learning leads to three way learning: learning how to solve problems, learning about yourself, and learning about the process of learning.

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